Marble Run

The wooden toy VARIS Marble Run is a construction game that promotes dimensional thinking and helps children use their imagination to build constructions in a way that marble will always reach the ground. Wooden parts are designed so that the marble can move through the surface of the parts and inside them (through incorporated holes and grooves). The Marble Run can be assembled in countless combinations to allow balls to race downhill at the same time or separately.

VARIS Marble Run wooden toy parts are available in various lengths and heights for a more dynamic and faster downhill creation. This game has an incredible number of possible variations - from simple to complex several storey labyrinths.

This toy helps stimulate logic and spatial thinking in children. Combining elements of the game, balls and gravity, through experimentation three dimensional perceptions are improved. According to test results this toy can keep a child’s attention for up to 1 hour and 20 minutes.


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VARIS Marble Run Basic Set of 33 components and the VARIS Marble Run XL Set of 68 parts is perfectly compatible with Marble Run Extra Sets:

Extra Set I; Extra Set II; Extra Set III; Extra Set IV; Extra Set V.


Recommended for children 3+ years. The toy can be suitable for younger children under the care of an adult when marbles are excluded from the set.