Construction Sets

VARIS Construction Set is a particular product – it is based on patented Lock-system fixing technique that allows tight connections of separate pieces. Children can follow their imagination to create a variety of objects like log houses, cars, robots, airplanes or countless other creations from their mind. VARIS constructor design is based on traditional log building techniques and enables your child to understand the art of creating interesting objects of different size and shapes.
Playing with VARIS Constructors has a positive impact on a child’s imagination and improves hand-eye coordination. Playing with VARIS Toys together with children aids their intellectual development stimulating their memory, kinetic and visual perception.


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The VARIS Constructor product line includes 13 construction kits that are all compatible with each other:

VARIS Airplane, VARIS Chair II, VARIS Souvenir 31, VARIS Souvenir 35, VARIS Souvenir 55, VARIS Farm, VARIS Fort, VARIS Windmill, VARIS Constructor 111, VARIS Constructor 222, VARIS Constructor 333, VARIS Special Construction Set 177; VARIS Constructor 772. 


VARIS designs vary by number of components in each set and are recommended for children 3+ years.