Wooden toy VARIS Architect is a wooden block system from birch that stimulates spatial and structural thinking. Different sized parts develop visual and kinetic perception. The wooden blocks allow the child to feel as an architect constructing a simple church as well as a palace with towers. The Architect Sets are unique with ascetic solution of its design at the same time being a toy that stimulates development especially fantasy, comparisons and mathematical thinking.

To follow VARIS Toys ecological concept and to create appropriate accents of design only ecological stains are used in manufacturing. Products of the ‘Architect’ line are different not only because of the number of components but also the design of the product. Architect sets are compatible with each other and when combined give the opportunity to create even grander buildings.


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Compatible sets include:

VARIS Architect 25, VARIS Architect 63,  VARIS Architect 87 and VARIS Town Builder 107.


VARIS Architect is designed for ages 5+.